Established in 1928, the company has mature integrated transmission technology. Integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and services, the company is committed to establish as an excellent supplier of integrated automatic transmission solutions in the world.
  • DSI Hybrid-AT P2
    DSI Hybrid-AT P2
  • DSI M06 FWD-6AT
    DSI M06 FWD-6AT
  • DSI M05 FWD-6AT
    DSI M05 FWD-6AT

DSI P2 Hybrid Platform - Architecture

①DSI FWD or RWD Automatic Transmission (AT)②E-Machine (EM) replaces torque converter
③Clutch (C0) connects engine to transmission with E-Machine④Belt-Starter-Generator (BSG) or slip start engine with E-Machine 
⑤Torsion damper or DMF⑥Plug-in charging (PHEV)
⑦Optional 2nd E-Machine at rear (FWD) or front (RWD) for All-Wheel-Drive (AWD)

DSI P2 Hybrid Platform - Advantages

①Applies Hybrid technology to a proven and robust DSI step AT transmission②Ability to drive the vehicle as fully electric, engine + electric or engine only
③Retains the feel of gear shifting- providing a better driving experience for most consumers④Only 1x E-Machine (EM) required
⑤Long range EV mode, with plug-in charging capability⑥Small, medium or large E-Machine can be installed within the same packaging to suit specific customer requirements
⑦Less energy conversion loss than series hybrid⑧Four Drive Modes
⑨Engine with battery charging⑩Regenerative braking (battery charging)


DSI Transmission Range

DSI offers three transmission variants to suit multiple vehicle platforms. 

M04 : rear wheel drive (RWD) M05 : high torque front wheel drive (FWD) M06 : low torque front wheel drive (FWD)

M04 M05M06


Gear Ratios

3.53, 2.14, 1.48, 1.16, 0.87, 0.68  4.16, 2.38, 1.52, 1.14, 0.86, 0.684.16, 2.38, 1.52, 1.14, 0.86, 0.68
Enginetypically 75kW-150kW typically 65kW-135kW   typically 65kW-135kW  

15-52kW nominal (27-75kW peak)

15-52kW nominal (27-75kW peak

15-52kW nominal (27-75kW peak

Max input torque 575-600Nm 450-470Nm  



P2 Hybrid Siz

                               Small System      Medium System

      Large System













Max. Input Torque








Voltage                        300-360V                                  300-360V                        300-360V
Plug-In Charging 




Fuel Target (NEDC)  

< 2.2L/100km2

< 2.5L/100km2

< 2.8L/100km2

EV Range & Max Speed




Engine Start

High-Duty Starter,

BSG or Slip-Start3

High-Duty Starter,

BSG or Slip-Start3

High-Duty Starter,

BSG or Slip-Start3

The overall aims  for this transmission are:

①Reduction in packaging size②Weight reduction
③Efficiency improvement④Increased reliability
⑤Revised gear ratios⑥Multiple options for final drive ratio
⑦Optimized main case and housing to improve oil control⑧New TCU
⑨Improved hydraulic control⑩Improved shift quality, including garage shifts
?Integrated external oil pump option?Stop/Start functionality
?Shift by Wire (SBW) option?Hybrid option 

The major specifications for this development are:

①Overall weight approximately 83kg②Main case designed to improve oil control and reduce churning
③Overall packaging optimised to suit vehicle installation④Maximum Input Shaft Torque : 364Nm
⑤Engine speed : 500rpm Min / 6800rpm Max⑥External oil pump
⑦Valve body incorporating new generation VBS for improved hydraulic performance⑧P2 Hybrid option included in the design




The overall aims  of this development are:

① Reduction in packaging size in critical areas for vehicle installation② Efficiency improvement
③ Increased reliability④ Optimized main case and housing to improve oil control
⑤ New TCU⑥ Improved hydraulic control
⑦ Improved shift quality, including garage shifts⑧ Integrated external oil pump option
⑨ Stop/Start functionality⑩ Shift by Wire (SBW) option
? Hybrid option? Compatible with current M23 vehicle installations

The major specifications  for this development are:

① Main case designed to improve oil control and reduce churning② Overall packaging optimised to suit vehicle installation
③ Maximum Input Shaft Torque : 470Nm④ Engine speed : 500rpm Min / 6500rpm Max
⑤ Weight : 90kg⑥ External oil pump
⑦ Valve body incorporating new generation VBS for improved hydraulic performance⑧ P2 Hybrid option included in the design.